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Airkel® smoking lounge

Airkel® system

The Airkel® smoking lounge is equipped with a specialised floor and ceiling that enable the air to move within the whole room, “from bottom to top”. Clean air is pulsated into the room through the entire surface of the floor, moving in parallel layers, taking the smoke and odours up and then extracting them via the entire surface of the ceiling. Airkel® is the only continuous air circulation system with laminar flow that renews the air in the entire room, without making the room chilly or creating a draft.

Traditional smoking room

Conventional system

Most smoking rooms are based on a system of extraction with air transfer. Often, ventilation is achieved by having clean air enter the room via vents located on one side of the room. The air is extracted via a ventilator located high up on the wall, across from the vents.  The air travels through the room, creating a breeze, therefore only partially circulating it. The air goes directly outside, making the room chilly.


Airkel® Floor and Ceiling

Laminar flow

Introduction of clean air ↑

Extraction of dirty air ↑

Smoke and odour-filled
air pockets

Air transfer

Transfer vents


A space equipped with the Airkel® system offers absolute comfort and a lack of odours and smoke, without causing a chilly environment thanks to the immediate, constant and continuous extraction of all odours and smoke and the diffusion of clean air via laminar flow throughout the entire surface. This is a new way of treating the air, making it possible for smokers and non-smokers to be in the same room by eliminating all constraints.