FAQs | Frequently asked questions

What makes Airkel® different from other systems?

The majority of smoking rooms have a simple airflow ventilation system with air transfer. In most cases, ventilation is achieved by fresh air entering through transfer grilles on one side of the room. The air is then sucked into a ventilator, typically located near the ceiling on the wall facing the grilles. The air travelling through the room not only creates a draft but is also only partially circulated. The air is immediately extracted outside, causing significant energy loss and creating a chilly environment.

Airkel® originality and effectiveness is because the air is moved in a controlled manner from bottom to top, in parallel layers and at regular intervals throughout the entire room. It is the only continuous air circulation system with laminar flow that renews the air in the whole room without making the room chilly or causing a draft.

Are you trying to encourage smokers and non-smokers to share the same space?

The aim of Airkel® is to bring together people who have different routines and habits so that they can enjoy being in the same room again. Within a high-tech communal space that is smokeless and odourless, clothes and hair no longer smell like smoke or other odours for the rest of the day. The air is pleasant and fresh; comfort is absolute. Smoke and unpleasant odours no longer get in the way of social interactions.                               

It is the only continuous air circulation system with laminar flow that renews the air throughout the entire room every 2 minutes without making the room chilly or causing a draft.

Are there any smoking areas already equipped with Airkel®?

Yes. Currently, we have installed an isolated smoking cube in the C bar & lounge of the Starling Geneva Hotel & Conference Center. It is an independent, modern glass-walled cube construction. There is also an Airkel® smoking lounge installed on the 6th floor of Bon Génie-Grieder, rue du Marché. Here, the Airkel® system is integrated into a smoking area next to the BGbar. There are several other projects currently underway throughout Switzerland that are near completion.

Did the installation of these areas require prior authorisation?

Yes, all public smoking areas require prior authorisation. Geneva law is particularly strict regarding this. Airkel® complies with the most rigorous legislation.

Are there minimum and maximum size requirements for installing Airkel®?

No, Airkel® can be installed anywhere.

Is Airkel® only meant for smoking areas?

No, Airkel® can be installed anywhere where superior air quality and an odourless environment is desired, particularly in restaurants, offices, hospitals, fitness centres, spas, etc., but also in private residences.

Do you have a patent for this invention?

Yes, we have an international patent and Airkel® has been registered in many product categories worldwide.

Have you put your name on other inventions?

Yes, we launched Airkeldesign®, a furniture line for cigar smokers and smoking areas.

What is the outlook for Airkel®?

We already have many interested parties and orders from abroad. The international market is going to propel our business in 2013.

How much does Airkel® cost?

The price depends on the size and volume of the space to be ventilated, the location of the room and the selected materials. Generally speaking, the construction of the Airkel® system is not significantly higher than the installation of a conventional ventilation system.

Why are the Airkel® Floors and Ceilings perforated?

The Airkel® Floor is perforated in order to let clean air into the entire room in a homogeneous manner while the Airkel® Ceiling is perforated in order to create a laminar flow effect and to quickly extract dirty air from the whole room. This creates currents of air that are equally spread out.  The Floor and Ceiling designs are internationally patented