All of our creations are unique and custom-made. The Airkel® technology is invisible and does not interfere with the room’s décor (no visible transfer grilles or air diffusers). Clean air, which is dispersed through the entire surface of the floor, ensures a pleasant atmosphere and stops pockets of odours from forming.

To date, the Airkel® concept has been installed in several locations, including:

There are many other projects currently in progress.

Airkel® can be installed anywhere where superior air quality is desired, free of bothersome smells.


Its technology, efficiency and the comfortable environment it creates make Airkel® unique and place it apart from other traditional systems. Clients are unanimous in their comments:

  • positive feedback from users
  • generates word of mouth
  • increases visit numbers
  • revenue increase
  • rapid return on investment

Airkel® distinguishes itself by its technology and the comfortable environment it creates, and excels in customer satisfaction.