Technology | Airkel® floor and Airkel® ceiling

Airkel® Floor technology

Airkel® technical floor

Airkel® Floor technology moves the air by using the entire floor. To enable air to circulate via laminar flow so that it is renewed in complete comfort, Airkel® Floor technology has perforations designed and developed specifically for this purpose.  Little holes let fresh air into the room at regular intervals, without creating a draft.  The air flows through the entire room.  Airkel® Floor technology is internationally patented.

The visible floor surface can be covered with wood or stone veneer, parquet, paint or linoleum.

Airkel® Ceiling technology

Airkel® technical ceiling

Airkel® Ceiling technology sucks dirty air through a perforated surface before expelling it outside.

Airkel® Ceiling technology can be made of:

  • Veneered or painted wood,
  • Sheet metal
  • Stretched canvas
  • Plaster

Airkel® techn. floor
Airkel® techn. ceiling