Technology | Laminar Flow

Laminar flow ventilation enables the vertical movement of air in parallel layers and at regular intervals, without the air mixing or being unsettled. Laminar flow is used everywhere where air needs to be controlled and hygiene is of the utmost importance, for example in clean rooms. 

In order to circulate the air by laminar flow, thereby renewing the air uniformly throughout the entire room, the Airkel® concept is made up of an Airkel® Floor that brings in clean air and an Airkel® Ceiling that extracts dirty air. 

The Airkel® Floor moves the air. The entire volume of air moves “from bottom to top”. Clean air is pulsated into the room through the entire surface of the floor, moving in parallel layers, taking the smoke and odours up and then extracting them via the entire surface of the ceiling. 

Airkel® is the only continuous air circulation system with laminar flow that renews the air in the entire room, without creating a chilly environment or a breeze.





Clean air is pulsated
through the floor
Air moves up
taking smoke and odours with it
Dirty air is sucked
out through the ceiling


The Airkel® ventilation system can be installed anywhere where superior air quality is desired, free of bothersome smells.

Clean rooms in hospitals are equipped with aeration via laminar flow in order to avoid germs spreading.